Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Memories of Tony Curtis - Ferrari Dino 246 GT

The TV industry of the sixties and seventies thought up all sorts of curiosities that are simply inconceivable in todays world.

In 1971 one such was a programme called The Persuaders an attempt at making a thriller series popular in the UK and US. The premise was that two playboys Lord Brett Sinclair an English all action (Soldier / Racing Driver) Aristocrat teams up with Danny Wild a Bronx self made millionaire to solve all sorts of 'errors of impunity' to avoid ninety day jail sentences for fighting in a bar ! A community service order for rich people.

The show was not a success in the States and was cancelled after the first series though it was immensely popular in Europe, in Sweden The Persuaders translated to 'Snobs on the Job', in Germany and France the translations of the shows were a comic departure from the original.

The lead roles were played by Roger Moore and Tony Curtis who's respective signature cars were an Aston Martin DBS registered 'BS 1' and a Red Ferrari Dino 246 GT registered 221400 MO. The Ferrari 246 was powered by a 175 hp 2.4 litre / 147.6 CUI 65 degree V6 which gave it a top speed of 146 mph, 3,761 were produced from 1969 to 1974.

The highlight of many a Sunday afternoon during my school days was watching the Persuaders and I still associate Tony Curtis with his Ferrari Dino no matter that he was actually far better recognised for his comedy films including 'Some Like it Hot' made around the time I was born.

Off topic I'd like to welcome all my readers from Belgium, particularly Wesley and Anja who's Mini Moke featured in this blog a last week, mention of which was made on the Belgian Mini Forum.

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