Monday, 2 May 2011

When Kyle Wins Kids Win - Happy Birthday Kyle Busch

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Today the 2nd of May is a very important day for one 13 year old NASCAR fan Lexie from Huntley, IL. Lexie is a Kyle Busch fan and she along with many others will be celebrating Kyles Birthday today !

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As we shall find out Lexie takes Kyle Busch fandom way beyond going to the races with her Mom & Dad or vegging out in front of the television with a couple of lemonades and a family pack of M&M's on Friday, Saturday and or Sunday whenever Kyle races in the Camping World Truck, Nationwide and or Sprint Cup series. Remarkably for someone so young Lexie understands how with a little effort she can make a difference to those less fortunate than herself.

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Recently Lexie kindly finished her homework early so that she could answer some questions about her interest in NASCAR, Kyle Busch and her work for the Kyle Busch Foundation for 'Gettin' a lil' psycho on tyres' and here is what she had to say about how her interest in Kyle Busch got started and progressed.

"I started watching NASCAR in 2007, and chose to root for the M&Ms car, so when Kyle started driving the M&Ms car in 2008 I became a Kyle Busch fan.

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I met Kyle at Slinger Superspeedway, WI, at an autograph session. He was really nice and answered a lot of fans questions, and even took the time to pose for a picture with me right before he got in the car for the race.

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That’s when I started liking him as much for the person he is and not just because he has a really cool sponsor. It also didn’t hurt that he is awesome to watch driving on the track and always does his best to win every single race.

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[The best thing about being a Kyle Busch fan is] anticipating the performance of the Kyle Busch Show before every race. It doesn’t matter what track he is at, I know he has good chance for a great finish. The best single moment was THE BRISTOL SWEEP! [ Kyle won all three series races over one weekend at Bristol last August, becoming the first person to accomplish the feat].

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I first got involved [with the Kyle Busch Foundation] in 2009. The Kyle Busch Foundation supports children’s group homes across the United States. These children have been removed from their home situations for various reasons, and often arrive at their group homes with literally nothing but the clothes they are wearing. The [group] homes supported by the KBF provide a safe, stable environment for these children.

One of the items on their wish list was books, and since I love to read I thought that would be a great way for me to help. Through 3 book drives over the past two years I donated over 10,000 books to be distributed to children who need them.

[Lexies first drive raised 270 books, her second 2177 books enough to fill the family Mini Van and her third over 8000 books requiring a truck to deliver them from Huntley IL to Mooresville NC !]

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I have had my efforts written about in the local papers as well as on the Kyle Busch website. Everyone at the Kyle Busch Foundation has been very appreciative and they are really great to work with. After one of my book deliveries, Kyle gave me an engraved Tiffany bracelet. For me the recognition isn’t so important as knowing that I am doing something to help kids that are just like me that have had some hard times.

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[Lexies modesty overlooks a couple of television appearances, a medal awarded by the Daughters of the American Revolution in recognition of her achievements earlier this year, and that she has sat atop Kyles pit box next to Kyles wife Samantha during the odd Nationwide event ! ]

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After last year[s book drive], I found out that one of the things on the homes’ wish list was gift cards to stores like Dollar General, Target, and Wal-Mart, so that they can directly buy the things that their kids need. [So for 2011] I decided to donate a $5 gift card for each win that Kyle gets in each of the three NASCAR series [during the season]. My parents said they would match whatever I donated.

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I am saving all the cards and sending them in to the Foundation at the end of the season, just in time for the holidays. I know how loyal Kyle’s fans are, so I thought it would be fun to challenge them all to donate any amount they choose, even if it is just $1, for every win, and send it directly to the Foundation, at the end of the season.

With as much as Kyle Busch wins that should mean a lot of gift cards for the kids at the homes he supports! If anyone wants to get involved, they can find out the details at my website or at the foundation website: There is also a tab for Lexie’s Challenge on the Kyle Busch Foundation Facebook page. If anyone would just like to make a donation to the Kyle Busch Foundation, the address is: 351 Mezeppa Road, Mooresville, NC, 28115"

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Lexies birthday message to Kyle reads "Happy birthday Kyle! Looking forward to seeing you celebrate in victory lane! I am always proud to be a Kyle Busch fan!!!!!!"

I can't help but admire Lexies attitude and grit, so far this season Kyle has won 7 races in all NASCAR series that's $35 that Lexie has pledged to the KBF !

I hope you'll join me in supporting Lexie and finding away to participate, however great or small, in Lexies 'When Kyle Wins Kids Win' Challenge and in wishing Kyle Busch a Happy 26th Birthday.

I'd like to thank Lexie for finding the time to tell us about her interest in NASCAR, Kyle Busch and her work with the Kyle Busch Foundation and her Mom Tracey (aka CheckerdFlagStilettos) for the fabulous photographs.

Hope you have enjoyed todays Kyle Busch Birthday edition of 'Gettin' a lil psycho on tyres' and that you will join me again tomorrow ! Don't forget to come back now !



I was up at 4 am this morning watching Kyle pull his second Birthday Weekend Cup Victory at Richmond, kudos to Kyle, his fans and another great victory for the kids !