Sunday, 26 February 2012

GALPOT Weekly #19

Another riveting week at GALPOT featured a variety of vehicles including a '66 El Camino, a couple of formula one racers and a the Surprising Skoda.

Chevrolet El Camino, Shakespeare County Raceway

The GALPOT week started with a look at this straight original '66 Chevrolet El Camino pick up billed as a pleasure to work with in contemporary Chevrolet sales literature.

MG MGA, Silverstone

The runaway export success that found a bit part in the Elvis Presley film Blue Hawaii MGA 1600 was Tuesdays GALPOT featured car.

Ford Capri RS3100, Goodwood FoS

Somewhat surprisingly contracted Ferrari driver Niki Lauda, who celebrated his Birthday on Wednesday, managed to also drive this Ford Capri RS3100 in 1974.

Terraplane K Special convertible coupe

Wayne Graefen had been tracking this Terrahawk Special K Convertible for 25 years before he got the opportunity to acquire it and restore it a couple of years ago.

Ferrari T5, Brands Hatch

After winnig the World Championship in 1979 Jody Scheckter and Ferrari crashed to earth in 1980 with Scheckter scoring ust two points and Gilles Villeneuve seen above scoring just six points driving the Ferrari 312 T5.

Lotus 35 Martin, Oulton Park

A total of three cars were prepared to Formula One regulations fitted with the compact 3 litre / 183 cui Martin V8 like the one seen here, all three came to a fiery end, yesterday GALPOT featured a recreation of the Charles Lucas Lotus 35 Martin that Allan Rennie spent 5000 hours and a small fortune on rebuilding.

Skoda Estelle 130 L, Oulton Park,

Today GALPOT features a couple of cheap and cheerful competition spec Skoda Esteele 130L's said by some to handle like Porsche's.

Thanks for joining me on this GALPOT Weekly #19 edition of 'Gettin' a li'l psycho on tyres' I hope you'll have fun following the links above and that you will join me again at 'GALPOT' during the week ahead. Don't forget to come back now !