Wednesday, 24 November 2010

One piece at a time - Morris Minor Tourer

Way back in my school days I remember listening to Johnny Cash's tale about taking a piece of Cadillac home from the factory in his lunch box every day and thinking 'if only ...' Looking at this beautiful black nugget of quintessential Englishness I began to wonder if someone had managed to pull off the feat of stealing this car one piece at at time from the Morris Factory at Cowley since the sum of the parts span the entire 3 series of production of the Minor Tourer from 1948 - 1969.

The split screen is from somewhere between '48 and '56
but the grill is post '54.

Not sure what's under the bonnet, at least an eye popping 30 hp 803 cc which comes in at 49cui.

The 'Morris Minor' badge is almost certainly Series II.

And when we look at the back we see those big tail lights match the side lights at the front, definitely post '62.

We know from the 8th series 'VG' licence plate on the boot this car was probably first registered in Norwich and it appears to have been replaced one piece at a time ever since then.

Hope today's edition was a breath of fresh air, thanks for popping by, looking forward to putting tomorrows edition of Gettin' a lil' psycho on tyres together, don't forget to came back now !