Saturday, 1 October 2011

Awaiting TLC #3 - Lotus Mark 6

Third in my occasional series of blogs about cars in need of tender loving care is this uniquely ungainly looking Lotus Mark 6 seen earlier this year at the Silverstone Classic.

01 IMG 1552sc

The Lotus Mark 6 was the first Lotus design to go into to production and it was sold in kit form saving purchasers a small fortune in new car taxes. The reason this particular vehicle is both unique and ungainly is because it is the only Lotus Mark 6 built as a mud plugging trials car requiring more ground clearance than either the road going or track racing versions.

02 IMG 1553sc

The chassis with Williams & Pritchard built body was originally supplied to Mr Horace Sinclair Sweeney in 1953 at a cost of £110. Once Mr Sweeney had finished installing the engine and running gear he entered and won the London Motor Club's Annecy Spring Sporting Trial on the 7th of June 1953.

03 IMG 1554sc

The motor is an Aquaplane tuned 1172 cc / 71.5 cui side valve E93A unit sourced from a Ford 10 built in the 1930's.

04 IMG 1557sc

In 1954 Mr Arthur Hay acquired this Mark 6 and over the next ten years won three Motor Cycling Club (MCC) Triple awards for completing the Exeter, Lands End and Edinburgh trials unpenalised in three separate calendar years. Since then car has remained in the Hay family, but unused since 1964.

05 IMG 1558sc

The current owner hopes to restore the car to working order and use it for sporting trials as originally intended by Mr Sweeney.

Thanks for joining me on this mud plugging edition of 'Gettin' a li'l psycho on tyres, I hope you will join me again tomorrow when I shall be looking at a Jensen. Don't forget to come back now !