Saturday, 13 November 2010

Global Scoop - Morgan GC

With recent Internet reports on the eminent return of a Harley Davidson powered three wheeler being according to a Morgan factory spokesman unsubstantiated and merely an internet rumour, I take great pleasure in revealing the new Morgan model the aforementioned spokesman suggested 'we save or Christmas money for' - the environmentally friendly Morgan GC.

With the market place for £100,000 / $ 160,000 vehicles shrinking Morgan is striking out into a new and untapped market of the performance electric cart, which will appeal not only to four time Sprint Cup Champions like Jimmy 'I fell off a golf cart' Johnson, but also to Britain's booming ageing population as they downsize from sitting in 12 mph traffic jams to 12 mph shopping trolleys.

With styling cues taken from the Classic Roadster and 4/4 models, as one might expect from a Morgan 'Perfection' is key as can be seen by this magnificent steering wheel and sumptuous wood panelled dash.

Among the optional extras will be these £ 2,000 / $ 3,600 electric fold away electric mirrors which have a quick release facility perfect to give hideous hoodies and moody teenagers a good old fashioned 'clip round the ear 'ole' at will.

With leaf springs all round, the standard Union Jack interior and room to carry shopping and a pair of green wellies on the back this should be an attractive package for it's intended market.

How much will the Morgan GC cost you may well be asking ? Probably no more than the priceless look on your face when your local Morgan dealer tells you, 'you've been had !'

Hope you enjoyed today's comedy edition of 'Gettin' a little psycho on tyres' , tomorrow back to a real Morgan the little 3 wheel nugget known as the F4.

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