Sunday, 11 December 2011

GALPOT Weekly #8

Seems like only yesterday I started the first GALPOT weekly and suddenly I am on week 8, how time flies when your having fun.

Piaggio Ape Cross Country

This week started with a look at the Piagio Ape Cross Country, a youth orientated pick up based on a ubiquitous vehicle which not only keeps a large part of the Italian economy on wheels but also keeps a large number of passengers on the move on the Indian sub continent.

Opel GT, Goodwood Revival

Getting Smart on Tuesday I looked at the Opel GT a mini European Corvette which featured on the intro to the 1969/70 to the a well known secret agent TV series.

Ford Zodiac Mk 4, Goodwood Revival

On Wednesday I looked at a unique camper based on the Ford Zodiac Mk 4 featuring a camper addition built by the founders of the Ginetta sports car manufacturer.

Chevrolet Corvette, Mallory Park

Thursdays blog featuring the Martini Corvette used in endurance racing by the John H Daniel team was dedicated to my friend and Corvette fan Sebastian who got married yesterday.

Ferrari FF, Goodwood FoS

For Ferrari Friday I looked at the latest in stylish shooting brakes the 208 mph all wheel drive Ferrari FF.

Chris Goodwin, Lotus 23B, Goodwood Revival

Yesterday it was a return to a little light carceaology with a look at a Lotus 23 with some hill climbing history in Austria.

Aston Martin Virage, Castle Combe C&SCAD

Rounding out the week today I am looking at the bespoke Aston Martin Virage that was designed to use parts from Audi, Volkswagen, General Motor's, Chrysler and Ford prior to the latter taking over the marque in in 1988.

Coming up next week I'll be looking at the future of motoring with first ever GALPOT road test tomorrow, on Tuesday I'll be featuring a model of the type in which I first legally clocked 100 mph, and on Wednesday I'll be keeping warm looking at Project Sunbird.

I hope you will join me daily for all this and more to come in the week ahead at GALPOT. Don't forget to come back now !

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