Sunday, 13 November 2011

GALPOT Weekly #4

Gosh how time flies when your having fun, it's been another busy week on GALPOT not least because it would appear that spammers have found the site. I seem have found away to stay on top of the situation for now I hope it stays that way.


Of the cars I looked at this week started with the tiny Reliant Fox Pick Up which started life as a concept designed in Greece, type approved in the UK, built in Greece and then finally had it's life extended with a production run in the UK !

1958 Vauxhall Cresta, Goodwood Revival

On Tuesday I had a look at the highest interpretation of the 1950's US Dream Car concept built in Britain namely the Vauxhall Cresta PA a big for the UK 6 seater that would look quite comfortable if a little small barreling along US highways at 89 mph.

Ford Zephyr 6, Goodwood Revival

Maurice ‘Maus’ Gatsonides and Peter Worledge drove the Ford Zephyr 6, the subject of Wednesdays blog to victory on the Monte Carlo Rally in 1953, such was his search for perfection in his driving technique that he delivered the GATSO camera to the world.

Chevrolet Bel Air, Shakespeare CR

Staying on the 50's theme on Thursday I looked at a '54 Chevrolet Bel Air used as a support vehicle by the GAS Racing drag team at Shakespeare County Raceway.

Ferrari 400i, Bristol IAMF

On Friday I had a dig at a television presenter who not only once destroyed a Routemaster Bus but also described the Ferrari 400i as 'Awful in every way !'. I spent the whole day yesterday writing "If I can't say anything good, I will not say it at all" as penance.

Lotus 18, Donington Museum

It was a great pleasure to retell how British Treasure Sir Stirling Moss won the Monte Carlo GP not once but twice in Rob Walkers privately entered Lotus 18 yesterday.

ALFA Romeo 33 Stradale, Goodwood FoS

I have rounded out the week with a second helping of Italian eye candy the Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale, billed as the most expensive car in the world when it was launched on the market in 1968.

Thanks for joining me on this weeks GALPOT round up if you have not already had a look at the full blogs summarized here I hope you'll find to click on he links down lighted in grey.

Coming up next week I'll be starting with an Italian pickup truck, looking at a British interpretation of the 1960 Lincoln Continental, and looking at UK and US interpretations of the Estate / Station Wagon concepts.

All this and more to come in the week ahead at GALPOT, I look forward to you joining me daily. Don't forget to come back now !