Saturday, 17 September 2011

Perfect Car For A Wedding #6 - Rolls Royce Corniche

I am off to a wedding today, the first one I have attended where my friends children are the ones getting married, so it seems appropriate to feature another Perfect Car for a wedding on today's blog.

02 Image3501sc

Today's Rolls Royce is known as the Silver Shadow Mulliner Park Ward Drop Head Coupé which first appeared in 1967 was renamed Corniche in 1971 when this model scene at the Haynes International Motor Museum was built.

01 Image3500sc

The Corniche assembled and finished in London by Mulliner Park Ward is based on the Rolls Royce Silver Shadow / Bentley T floor plan with the same 'adequate' aluminium 6230 cc / 380 cui Rolls Royce motor.

03 Image3502sc

The Corniche name was first used by Rolls Royce in the 1930's for a Mark V prototype with Parisian coach work by van Vooren, legend has it that after 15,000 miles of Continental testing in Europe was awaiting repatriation to England when it was hit by a bomb at Dieppe docks.

In the UK it would probably take a particularly brave couple to opt for a convertible on their wedding day but then as they used to say in Rome 'Fortes fortuna adiuvat'. For the brave this Corniche can be hired from the Haynes International Motor Museum.

Wishing Lotti & Ronnie and all those getting married today all the best and many happy years together.

Thanks for joining me on this Corniche edition of 'Gettin a lil' psycho on tyres', I hope you'll join me again tomorrow. Don't forget to come back now !