Thursday, 24 February 2011

Lynley mystery - Bristol 410

The Bristol 410 was the fourth Bristol model to use the chassis architecture laid out for the 407 model.

Using the A block Chrysler engine now with a swept volume of 5211 cc / 318 cui for the last time before switching to the larger Chrysler B block for subsequent models the 410 marked a return to a floor mounted shift for the Torqueflight gearbox after US legislation had outlawed the previous push button system.

A Bristol 410 has two chrome strips running the length of the vehicle a feature unique to this Bristol model.

Fitted with ZF power steering as standard the 410 had a lower centre of gravity than the yet to be blogged 409 thanks to smaller 15" diameter wheels down from 16" on the previous model.

The 410 was the first Bristol fitted with separate front and rear brake circuits the servo's for which were housed between in a compartment between the front of the drivers door and the rear of the front wheel arch the top hinge of which can just be distinguished below the badge in the photo above.

Some of you may recognise this as the model that Inspector Lynley drives in some episodes of the television series The Inspector Lynley Mysteries, mysteriously in the novels by Elizabeth George on which some of the episodes are based Lynley is actually described as driving a Bentley.

As ever exclusivity is the watch word for this manufacturer with just 79 Bristol 410's being built between 1968 and 1969.

With thanks to the PistonHead who kindly brought this car to the recent Sunday Service at the BMW Plant at Cowley and to Cristopher Balfour who's book 'Bristol Cars a very British story' provided many of the insights in today's blog.

Hope you have enjoyed today's TV detective edition of 'Gettin' a lil' psycho on tyres' and that you will join me again for Ferrari Friday tomorrow. Don't forget to come back now !