Friday, 8 October 2010

Cinquecento - Fiat 'Topolino'

Nothing more topical to celebrate this blogs 500th visitor than this cute little Fiat 500 'Topolino'.

The 'Little Mouse' was powered by a 13 hp 4 cylinder 596 cc / 36.37 cui engine mounted ahead of the front axle.

The low, for 1937, front body line, was achieved by mounting the radiator behind the engine.

This really is a two seat vehicle but I remember hitch hiking in Italy in the 1980's seeing these vehicles stuffed with 4 or 5 passengers always screaming and laughing with Latin joie de vivre.

Thanks to every one who has popped by over the last couple of weeks and particularly all those who have made comments, its been great fun getting "Psycho on Tyres" up and running and I hope you'll continue to find this blog continues to entertain.

Don't forget to come back now :-)