Monday, 30 May 2011

Lots of Red Cars - Haynes International Motor Museum

Allard K1, Haynes IMM A couple of weekends ago I was in a bah humbug mood looking for something to do when a friend asked if I had ever been to the Haynes International Motor Museum, to which I had not and responded accordingly, before I knew it I was being whisked away towards Sparkford in deepest Somerset. Auburn 852SC, Haynes IMM The museum bills it's self as having the UK's largest collection of cars, numbering over 400, to which maybe added it probably has the largest collection of cars painted red ! Austin Healey Sprite, Haynes IMM John Haynes publisher of many DIY car repair manuals established the museum, which operates as an Educational Charitable Trust, in 1985. GAZ M13 Chaika. Haynes IMM Apart from the accidental or otherwise concentration of red vehicles there are plenty of cars from all over the world some of which were models and or manufactures I had never heard of before. Jordan Playboy, Haynes IMM The vehicles are tightly packed at the moment, though unusually for a museum many, possibly even most, get a run round the museum grounds by the museum staff, while others can be hired for weddings and special occasions, a magnificent growling Viper got a quick blast round the museum while we were there. Lanchester, Haynes IMM Plans are afoot to expand the museum is September this year and having managed to snap only 10% of the collection over the couple of hours of my visit I look forward to returning even with the building work underway, the ticket I purchased is valid for a year ! Look forward to sharing some of the stories behind these cars in future editions of 'Gettin' a little psycho on tyres', I hope you will join me again tomorrow for a trip to Silverstone. Don't forget to come back now !