Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Tax Break Special - Volvo 940 SE Turbo Estate

The Volvo 940 Turbo SE Estate / Station Wagon was introduced in May 1991 and in the UK was aimed solidly at the company car market with a 2 litre / 122 cui turbocharged 4 cylinder engine that qualified for a lower rate of taxation than the 2.3 litre 900 series variants.

01 IMG 1287sc

The SE was also loaded with goodies like colour coded mirrors, a more comprehensive set of front lights and a smaller black grill.

02 IMG 1288sc

The B200ET and later B200FT engines which produced 150 hp were gems because they were fitted with a small diameter Garret T4 turbocharger which all but eliminated the throttle lag which was a common feature of the earlier turbocharged B230 motors that had been fitted with hefty Garret T3 units.

03 IMG 1291sc

From the A pillar back the 940 Estate / Station Wagon is indistinguishable from it's predecessor the counterpart 740 apart from the more judicious use of black trim in place of earlier chrome items.

While not as rugged as the 200 series Volvo's, as this example shows, these vehicles are just as capable of surviving in presentable condition for nearly 20 years, a strong selling feature in the UK mired in the depths of a property market recession at the time of the vehicles launch.

Production of all 900 series models ceased in 1998 when the saloon / sedan variant's were known as S90's and Estate / Station Wagon's as V90's.

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