Thursday, 16 December 2010

The Mini Challenger - Citroen DS3

The Citroen DS 3 launched in 2009 is the first of the 'Different Spirit' range and replaces the C2 models.

It competes in the market place against the Alfa Romeo MiTo, Audi A1 and MINi.

Top of the range DS 3's have 150 hp capable of 0-62.5 in 7.3 seconds with a top speed of 133 mph and 155 g/km CO 2 emissions.

It is award time of the year and this applies as much to motor vehicles as any other field of endeavour, in an act of unparalleled hubris Europe's top motoring magazine writers have managed to vote a vehicle called a 'Leaf' that is not yet for sale or on the roads as European Car Of the Year. For once, and this happens very rarely I am in agreement with Top Gear magazine which has handed it's gong for 2010 to the DS3 describing the car as 'The peoples champion'.

The DS 3 was launched to an unsuspecting British public with the first product placement in a video by a British recording artist. You can see this same view at 2 mins 31 secs in Pixie Lott's 'Broken Arrow' video.

For those like me who believe competition on or off the track is the best place to prove a vehicles worth, Citoren have kindly built seven, consecutive, time World Rally Champion Sebastian Loeb from Alsace in France a 202 hp DS Racing version with which to defend his title, I expect the DS will remain in the public eye for a while yet.

Thanks for joining me, hope you'll join me tomorrow for Ferrari Friday, don't forget to come back now !


  1. As one who appreciates quirk, I regard Citroƫn as a master of quirkiness. Apparently Citroƫn does not distribute to the USA. We are the poorer for the lack of these vehicles.

  2. You know, with a little patience and a big orange rubber mallet I think I could pound my Scion XD into that...=)

    You really are missed at Rowdy. These posts would and could do wonders for conversation which has taken a turn for those who prefer to be 12. Sad. Glad I found you here and love these cars.....=)

  3. Citroen and Renault need to come back to the US. There presence is missed here.

  4. @ Steve I'd replace the word quirk with originality :-)

    @ Wandisville have fun with your Scion these guys tried some thing similar with a Hindustan :-

    I also miss being at Rowdy so often.

    @ Racer 187 its a shame so many European manufacturers don't get the US market.