Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Things to do if you have to get up at an unholy hour to take someone to a Midlands airport on a summers Wednesday morning. Visit Mallory Park !

A couple of weeks ago I had to take a very good friend to a Midlands airport for a 6 am check in one sunny Wednesday morning.

The upside was I had a lovely little black one year old 3000 mile (!) KIA to whizz around in for a week.

I heard that there was testing most Wednesdays mornings of the summer for mostly historic vehicles at Mallory Park and since my day had been written off I went along to see what all the noise was about.

I have not been to Mallory since the late 1980's when my mate Sven was racing a Class D 105 production Alfa 33 and this was my first opportunity to see any action at Mallory Park from anywhere but the pits.

I recommend stopping of for a hand made BLT at the Cafe just by the competitors entrance I had one at 10 am and it kept me going 'til i got back to Bristol at 4pm !

Here are a couple of snaps that I took after my Breakfast feast. I am afraid I can't tell you who all the drivers are if you know any of the answers please drop me a line and put me out of my misery :-)

Above a Mini Cooper at Shaw's hairpin,

A better than new Lotus 23

Cobra Coupe

Barry (Whizzo) Williams extreme right, Ford Zephyr MK11, 1956/62

Former British F 5000 champ, sometime F1 and CART driver Ian Ashley in his immaculate 1972 Elden MK8 FF 1600, which goes like stink round corners with Ian at the wheel who, totally randomly, was born 14 miles from where I was some 11 1/2 years earlier.

Mike Wrigley in Jackie Stewart's 1969 World Drivers Championship winning Matra MS80, JYS signed the bodywork between the shoulder height cockpit air scoop and bottom of the roll hoop at Goodwood last year I believe.

One of two Maserati 250 F's I saw this one driven by a gentleman that goes by the name of Alberique I believe

Finally a Kevin Musson at the wheel of a pretty 1961 Formula Junior Lola MK3

After the lunch break a variety of bikes were due out including side car combinations unfortunately I was called away and missed them.

A couple of weeks ago a well known Indy & CART champ was in attendance so you never who you might bump into, for a fuller flavour check out this thread with over 1000 contributions by race fans.

Well worth a trip Wayne Pearson is the man in charge in the control tower worth popping up to have a look if you ask after him.

Hope you enjoyed today's post and that you will join me again tomorrow.


  1. Your photography is quite good. You must have a great camera (and a keen eye!). Alas, I'm no help identifying anyone, but I'm sure someone will be able to help you. I was struck by the recommendation of the BLT that kept your tank filled for several hours! I think time flies when you are having fun around things with tyres!

  2. Thanks Chief, I enjoy taking the pics but I seem to miss for more moments than I hit :-)

    Your probably right BLT supplemented by a whiff of Castrol R and tortured tyres probably took my mind off eating for a couple of hours !

  3. When you spectate you can't expect to catch every great shot. You've done a very good job here (and elsewhere). Keep up the good work!