Sunday, 24 October 2010

Born out of an Austin Maxi - AC 3000 ME

Born out of an Austin Maxi - AC 3000 ME

Stumbled across this lovely little AC 3000 ME at Silverstone many, many moons ago.

Auto Carriers (AC) can trace it's roots back 1903, but is probably best known to my generation for two cars that it did not design, namely the AC Ace a design which started life as a Weller engined Tojero and was purchased by AC before eventually morphing into the brutal AC Cobra.

Similarly the AC 3000 ME started out as an Austin Maxi, I'll repeat that for the more incredulous reader Austin Maxi (!) powered special built by Peter Bohanna and Robin Stables which after AC took it over became a Ford, top of the UK range, 3 litre / 183cui Essex V6 powered vehicle.

AC made just 71 of these vehicles starting in 1979 until production was halted at the Thames Ditton works in 1984. A further 30 3000 ME's were produced under license by AC (Scotland) including a unique Alfa Romeo V6 prototype. One for collectors to look out for one would imagine.

No AC's of any kind were built between 1985 and 1996.

Wishing you all a relaxing Sunday and hoping Kevin Harvick can put one over the #48 and #11 at Matinsville tonight. Hope springs eternal for this 'Happy' fan :-)

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  1. Kinda reminds me of the Fiat X19.

  2. This pic could have been taken outside Robin Rew's unit Rooster turbos, who converted many standard spec cars to turbo power. I may be wrong, but it looks as though a second yellow 3000ME lurks behind the guy in the red jacket. Do you have any more images taken at the same time??

  3. Hi Phil, those were the days when 36 frames had to last an entire day ! Unfortunately what you see is what I got but I do believe your correct about there being a second 3000ME in the photo. The picture was taken at Silverstone if Rooster turbo's was operating out of one of those hangers that has morphed into an industrial estate your spot on :-)