Saturday, 16 October 2010

Perfect car for a wedding #2 Humber Super Snipe MK IV

This is a magnificent Humber Super Snipe MK IV from my collection of Wedding vehicles.

Powered by a 113 hp 4138cc / 252 cui overhead valve straight 6 this vehicle is capable of 91 mph with an average fuel consuption of a wallet burning 15.5 miles per (imperial) gallon.

Production of 17,993 examples of this model commenced in 1952 and ceased in 1958. The car is by UK standards an enormous measuring 197" by 71".

Wishing all the best to every one getting married today, don't forget to come back now !


  1. I enjoy these Saturday Wedding posts! This is a luxurious car.

    Do you just keep camera in hand at all times on your travels and find these gems, or are they around for shows, etc.?

  2. I thought you might cheif :-) I keep a camera attached to my phone :-) So as long as I remember my phone which I don't always I have my camera :-)

    As you say an extremely luxurious brand that no longer exists I think Pegeout may own the Brand name.