Sunday, 14 November 2010

The Mighty F-Series - Morgan F-4.

This edition is dedicated to my number one fan Chief 187, with thanks for her help getting last weeks incredibly successful 'Petit Pataud' blogs together.

Keeping it short and sweet today as I am sure you all have plenty of thing you would rather be doing than having another history lecture from yours truly. Today I am featuring this wonderful nugget the Morgan F-4.

Built from 1932 - 1952 the F4 featured a pressed steel chassis and used a Ford side valve engine sourced from the Model Y. The F4 could allegedly carry four people, unlike its smaller siblings the F-2 and F-Super.

With rumours of a three wheel Morgan making a return to the market place it is perhaps surprising this did not happen a long time ago such vehicles are amazingly cheap and efficient to run.

Morgan do have one three wheeler on the books of course the £5000 / $ 8000 pedal car !

Thanks to every one from the Talk Morgan Sports Cars Forum who popped over during the last couple of days, for those who are into Morgans and have not visited there are some fabulous pictures of these quintessentially British vehicles in the Morgan Photo Gallery.

Wishing everyone a relaxing Sunday, thanks for stopping by, don't forget to come back now !


  1. Terrific Art! You remembered that I adore the novelty of the Morgan Trike! That was lovely of you to mention me in the blog. Great pics, as always. So glad you are finding a deeper niche' as you go on in this crazy blogging world.

    P.S. I'd only seen the Trike in BRG (British Racing Green) here in the States. So interesting to see the red, and a whole line of them to boot!

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  3. The Trike Chief is so fond of is driven by Jeff Jacobson, on the right in the following photo at Watkins Glen in 2004:

    Jeff and Racer at Watkins Glen 2004

    His trike:

    Jeff's Trike

    Both pictures were taken by Chief187 herself.

    Chief, Chris Towner, who has a black trike, would be dissapointed to hear that you have only seen them in BRG. He would be quite certain that you had seen his several times considering his was the car immediately behind me when I had my famous rookie-year-spin-in-the-wet-in-front-of-the-field-because-nobody-else-would-go-first incident.

  4. I stand corrected, I certainly remember the black Trike. Still, the red really popped.

    That was quite a memorable 'incident', Racer! That I shall never forget!!

    I used to so enjoy taking the pictures... one day I will again.

  5. Glad you enjoy it Chief :-) Lovely Morgan thanks for linking the pics maybe I should get in touch with Jeff Racer ? I'll be in touch on FB :-) I remember letting someone go first into Paddock Hill Bend at Brands during my very first 2CV practice session in the rain Racer, man that #55 car spun like a top all the way down the hill and then some, but came to no harm.