Monday, 3 January 2011

Choking on a clothes peg - Austin 10

The Austin 10 produced from 1932 to 1947 was a mid range car fitting between the Austin 7 and Austin 12.

Austin kept the chassis low by dipping the chassis frames 2 3/4 inches between the front and rear axles.

Capable of 55 mph and 34 imperial mpg this pre 1934 version, originally registered in Derbyshire, would have cost £168 when new. The clothes peg operating the choke is a not a factory fitted item.

In 1939 the Austin 10 was restyled by Argenrtine Ricardo "Dick" Burzi and 53,000 '10s' were produced during the course of WW2 for use by the UK armed forces. After the war almost all Austin 10s were exported the first exported to the USA in July '45, in September '45 the first cars to be imported into Switzerland after the war were a pair of Austin 10s.

Hope you have enjoyed today's open top edition of 'Gettin' a lil psycho on tyres' and that you'll be up for getting down and dirty with me for some grass track fun tomorrow. Don't forget to come back now !


  1. I don't know what else to say but that this is a pretty little car.

    In the USA, the term is "clothes pin." Since we do not hang clothes on the line to dry (although, we may go back to doing this), I use metal spring-type clothes pins to seal bags of pretzels, sugar, flour, etc.

  2. Thanks Steve, I use clothes pegs for everything including hanging out clothes to dry, being a family of one I guess it will be a while before I upgrade to new fangled drying machines :-)

  3. Love the clothes pin on the choke. Ingenuity is where you find it. I have always hung up my clothes. In the summer it's outside. In the winter I hang them inside to put moisture in the air. They also make great snack bag closers, greeting card hangers and I pin up my bath towel on the shower curtain hooks. Those clothes pins are handy dandy items indeed. And that is one sweet looking ride. My most handsome sons name is Austin.....=)

  4. I need to get some more clothes pegs. I'm all out of them.

  5. I have a few more Austin's some where Wandsville :-)

    Lppk out for the ones with the prancing horse label JC !

  6. I think the car is classy-looking (clothes pin and all!) and I, too, like the name. I always enjoy the history you give, Art!