Thursday, 24 March 2011

Heavyweight - Jaguar E- Type 3.8 Coupe

Call me a hopeless romantic but there is something I find irresistible about the notion of walking into a showroom purchasing the fastest vehicle they have in stock, adding a couple towing eyes, a fire extinguisher roll cage and 5 point harness and ignition cut out switch and heading down to the nearest race track.

01 Image2633sc

This kind of racing used to be called stock car racing in the US and Production racing in the UK.

02 Image2634sc

Today's stunning 1961 E-type 3.8 litre Coupe has been kept in more or less original trim since new.

03 Image2635sc

It still has an all steel shell and opening panels.

04 Image2636sc

Until recently the current owner; ex power boat racer, Michael O'Shea has been racing a 1958 XK150S, he has a decades experience racing Jaguars and a couple of years racing a Cooper - Maserati.

05 Image2638sc

Michael first started racing karts at 12 but did not start racing cars for another 34 years.

06 Image2639sc

Racing has been in Michael's blood all his life his Dad was the mastermind behind the O'Shea Racing Organisation which ran a car for a then unknown, future world champion, Jack Brabham.

07 Image2642sc

Michael will be racing his car in the new HSCC Jaguar E-Type Challenge a series created to cater just for E-types on their 50th Anniversary.

My thanks to Jaguar World and Classic & Performance Car for additional information.

Hope you enjoyed todays Heavyweight edition of 'Gettin' a lil' psycho on tyres' and that you will join me again tomorrow for Ferrari Friday. Don't forget to come back now !


  1. On the outside, this Jag looks almost like a Monogram 1:8 scale plastic model that I built sometime in the mid-1960s, except the model was red.

  2. The E-Type model I built was 1:32 scale and also red to start with a convertible though.

    I remember it ended up with a Ford V8 from a T for Two kit.

    The V8 was later taken out and put into a Ford Escort,

    which featured a rear suspension assembly from a Porsche 917 that carried the 917's smaller 5 speed transmission at the back, to improve the weight distribution front to rear, it looked great with the 917's ultra wide wheels and tyres :-)

    Happy days :-)