Friday, 12 November 2010

Made with a heart - Morgan 4/4 & Roadster.

Today I'll be going through the Morgan Factory again looking at the production of the classic 4/4 and Roadster models, which share the same galvanised steel ladder chassis as the old +8.

the Roadster and 4/4 still have a solid rear axle.

Framework for the body of a roadster.

Super formed aluminium panels are bonded with the ash frame.

First stage of a Roadsters body awaiting painting by hand.

After painting has been completed a 4/4 has its interior trim fitted.

Roadster nearing completion just over two weeks since it's chassis was laid.

Roadster awaiting final signing off from the factory floor, powered by a 220 hp US version of the Ford V6 Mondeo engine the car gets to 60 mph in 4.9 seconds and is capable of 134 mph.

A 4/4 powered by a Ford Duratec engine awaiting collection by it's new owner. As it says on the employees sweat shirts 'Morgan - Made with a heart'

Hope you enjoyed these factory tours, well worth a visit in person if you get the opportunity.

Tomorrow I'll be revealing a Morgan scoop made very much with the discerning Jimmy 'Golf Cart' Johnson four time Sprint Cup Champion in mind, Don't forget to come back now !


  1. Another fascinating look, Art! Morgans are elegant, luxurious, and, as you stated 'from the sweathirts' - "Made with a heart"! Too bad more autos aren't made the same! Neat tour!!

  2. Hey! I think I recognize the back of that car! One o those ran over me at the PVGP a few years back! Go check out the in-car on YouTube: Channel RowdyRacer187.

  3. Is the wood treated against termites?

  4. Glad you enjoyed the tour Cheif, I have no you tube cabability to day Racer look forward to checking it when I get home:)

    Steve check out the link below some of them dont even are specified without underseal !

  5. PVGP2008

    Goto minute 1:22. I overshot the right hander around the fountain and the Moggie got under me. Looks like he made short work of the healey in front of me as well.