Monday, 29 November 2010

Project 100 G - FIAT 850 Idromatic

I found this curiously cute 1967/68 FIAT 850 a couple of weeks ago. The car appears to have emigrated west in the 40 years since it was first registered in Greater London.

Code named project 100 G the FIAT 850 was a large version of project 100 the FIAT 600. G for Grande in Italian. 2.3 million FIAT 850's were made between 1964 and 1973.

Production of the SEAT 850 version continued in Spain until 1974. Complete Knock Down Kit 850's were assembled by Pirin-FIAT in Bulgaria from 1967 to 1971. The extravagant decoration on the wheel trim and white striped tyre indicate this was the more powerful high end 'super' variant.

This 850 appears to be fitted with the Idromatic transmission, a fully synchronised 4 speed manual gearbox combined with a torque converter and electrically activated clutch operated by a switch on the top of the gear stick knob.

The high end FIAT 850 'super' was powered by a 37 hp 4 cylinder 843 cc /51.4 cui engine mounted in the boot / trunk which when coupled with Idromatic transmission made it the slowest vehicle tested by Road & Track in 1968. The 60¢ May 1968 issue of R&T noted that while The FIAT 850 Idromatic was not suited for use in 'American' conditions it deserved attention as a 'strictly low speed 2nd car'.

Hope you have enjoyed today's leisurely start to the week and hope you'll join me again tomorrow, don't forget to come back now !


  1. This looks a lot like a sibling of the Fiat 500.

  2. I had an 850 spyder, red of course, in 1967. What a great little car! It had 52hp and was a joy to drive. It was so low that one day stuck in stop and go traffic, a big truck forgot that I was infront of him. All I heard was the truck engine get gunned and a loud crunish of metal. Oops! I brought my wounded Fiat to a custon car shop and had them repair the damage and add a spoiller on the rear. With wide base Abarth wheels, and sump it looked every bit the in car.

  3. Red is the only colour that suits an italian car IMHO, glad no one was hurt and you got your Spyder back on the road John :-)