Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Simple Joys - Morgan 3 Wheeler

Last November when I visited the Morgan factory there was much debate about a rumoured revival by Morgan of their fabled 3 wheel concept, which was abandoned when the last Morgan F-4 left the factory in 1953, with an updated design powered by a Harley Davidson motor.

00 DSCN1428sc

The truth that emerged was a little more complex, when earlier this year Morgan launched their 3 Wheeler at the Geneva motor show, with this particular vehicle on their stand.

01 DSCN1427sc

Self taught engineer, Pete Larsen from Seattle is the man responsible for putting the Morgan name back on three wheel vehicles. A couple of years ago Pete developed a Harley Davidson powered space frame Morgan tribute 3 wheeler which was marketed under the Liberty Ace brand.

02 Image3652sc

After reading a UK newspaper report on this vehicle Morgan executives visited Pete's workshop and ended up buying the business. Pete now makes the HD powered Liberty Ace under license from Morgan while Morgan have re engineered Pete's design to take a 115hp S&S 'X-Wedge' V twin manufactured in Wisconsin.

03 Image3653sc

The reengineered Morgan comes with a detachable steering wheel, to ease access, that is connected to a Quaife steering rack, in place of the Mustang modified rack used in the original Liberty Ace, the transmission on both vehicles is a Mazda 5 speed which drives the rear wheel.

04 Image3859sc

The Matt Humphries designed aluminium bodywork is manufactured by Premier Sheet Metal in Coventry.

05 Image3860sc

After the initial production run a special Superdry Edition has already been planned complete with bespoke Superdry branded tyres !

06 Image3861sc

High profile car enthusiast, owner and fan of old Morgan 3 wheelers Jay Leno was one of the first 500 customers to order one of the cycle cars which tip the scales at just over 1000 lbs / 500 kgs and can reach 60 mph in under 5 seconds.

07 DSCN1431sc

I have never driven a Morgan or 3 Wheeler of any description but watching Jay drive the car I have to believe that 'there is nothing quite like driving a 3 wheeler, it just makes you smile', rather like reading my favourite 'Simple Joys' blog written by another Morgan 3 wheeler fan Chief 187, who's birthday happens to be today.

Happy Birthday Chief 187, this one is just for you !

Thanks for joining me on today's three wheel edition of 'Gettin' a lil' psycho on tyres', I hope you will join me again tomorrow ! Don't forget to come back now !


  1. Happy Birthday to my Crew Chief!

  2. Love it, Love it, Love it! Morgan Trikes, GALPOT, and you, Art! I am honored to grace your page on this day, to read about the trike, and to see Simple Joys on this blog! Well, this is the BEST virtual birthday gift I have EVER received. Thank you again!! Much appreciation and gratitude to you for a whole host of things, but especially for this great, fun and informative piece today! xo

  3. Art, would you be offended if I dropped by, looked at all the pretty cars, and ignored all the technical details? I just like looking. And dreaming.

    Sweet plate for C.

  4. Cheryl I wouldn't take any offence if you skip the technical details at all :-)

    I love looking at flowers without knowing any of their names :-)