Friday, 31 December 2010

Magnificent Seven - Ferrari F430 GTC

The F430 was in production from 2004 - 2009 starting with side vents harking back to the Ferrari 250 TR 61 Spyder Fantuzzi this car wreaks racing business from it's nose to Enzo inspired tail lights.

Particularly popular amongst sports stars and minor TV celebrities the F430 was tasked with going up against the teutonic might of Porsche in sports car classes GT2 and GT3.

These 4 litre F430 GTC photos are from the GT2 Class during the Silverstone 1000 kms last year.

Chassis #2408 Bruni/Bell, JMW Motorsport 23rd overall, 1st GT2.

Chassis #2636 Melo/Garcia/L Mansell, 26th overall, 4th GT2.

Chassis #2608 Kaffer/Montanari, Hankook Team Farnbacher, 27th overall, 5th GT2.

Chassis #2402, Rosa/Montermini/Cadei, FBR, 29th overall, 6th GT2.

Chassis # 2476, Basso/Tenchini/Plati, Easyrace, 34th overall, 11th GT2.

Chassis #2450, Daoudi /Hartshorne/Kutemann, JMB Racing, 35th overall, 12th GT2.

Chassis #2612, Farnbacher/Ehret/Beltoise, FBR, Not Classified.

Missing from this set is the Griffin / Bamford, Advanced Engineering car which came in 33rd overall, 10th GT2.

In case you have still not had enough Ferrari's I have updated last weeks 250 GTO blog with another photo I found of '250 GTO #3757' taken last year.

Wishing everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year.

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  1. Hip Hip Hooray! Ferrari Fridays need to be the mainstay in 2011!
    Congratulations on 103 quality, interesting, informative, fun, and picturesque posts! That is a true accomplishment!! So looking forward to all you will bring us in 2011!
    Happy New Year, Art!!

  2. Thanks Racer and Chief for all your support since I got this show on the road, I am looking forward to seeing what I can come up with too !

  3. Ferraris are like super-models: New ones turn heads, but the old ones are even hotter. They need a lot of attention and treat you bad. They spend all your money and you still love them.

  4. And that's just changing the spark plugs JC :-)